"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Augmented Sexuality (SFW)

Title catch your interest? The fact that you're here proves the marketing department correct. *sigh* The "SFW" denotes "Safe For Work", not Shockwave Flash.
Augmented Reality is a visual medium, and more and more it's become a marketing medium. Since "sex sells", both the geeks and the marketing companies raise their cry in unison:"Let there be women!".

Let's face it: being physical creatures, it's only natural that "Human Nature" will permeate everything we do, and the same marketing that drove development of home video, the internet, and late-night "chat lines" will be present in every form of advertising from cave paintings to augmented reality. (And yes, companies like Pink Visual are working on it).  Let's take a brief, (and SFW) look at what has been done. Your imagination will naturally "fill in the blanks".

Example 1: Lynx Mynx Magnet

A natural extension of technology brought to you by the "cheeky monkeys" at Lynx, (known for their funny and blatantly suggestive ads, known  also by the "Axe" brand), these guys have social demographic targeting down to a near science. The above video is for the "Lynx Mynx Magnet" , where the "Lynx Mynx" denotes their user-voted models, from the  "Lynx Lounge After Hours"

Example 2 : Virtual Suzi

 "Gawd, I love women with British accents. Especially if they're in full leather. Especially, especially if they know geek tech" Yes, you can have Suzi Perry (presenter from The Gadget Show) in the palm of your hands...as if you wouldn't be eating out of hers, right? You can check her..uh, I mean 'the technology', out HERE.

Example 3:Playboy Magazine

Of course, the world's most famous magazine, (read globally "for the articles" ), would push the marketing envelope, right alongside Esquire, right?

Is this an exhaustive list? Certainly not. And the industry, as always, will push the technological envelope. There's more out there, and there will be ever more to come, unless Human Nature suddenly nullifies itself...and I doubt that's gonna happen.

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