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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The potential to revive "dead" media.

 Well, we've all heard that "print media is dead/dying", right? A disposable print medium will never keep up with the insta-click updated internet, right? Perhaps not. Take this video, for instance, from Kompas, one of Indonesia's largest newspapers.

"A newspaper?" you ask? "That's so 20th century". But wait! Recently, Kompas began distributing on the iPad, as well. Paperless newpapers. We'll see plenty of that.

But, ever so often, I've heard "reading digital isn't *the same* as holding wood pulp fiber in your hands. True, enough, but what if your "newspaper" was nothing *but* augmented? Blank pages filled with QR codes, ARtags, ect, that are "hot linked" to the distributor's daily issue, or *past issues*. "One paper, to read them all" kind of thing. Instead of buying new paper, every day. You buy a single, heavy-duty "paper". More often than not, news agencies that distribute print also have a web presence. Why not link the two?

The one drawback to this, at the moment, is the lack of affordable HMD's. You can't very well read your newspaper while holding your smartphone, right? Just imagine, for a moment if you will, the above issue of Kompas, while wearing a pair of Vuzix Wrap 920AR's. That might be the game changer. Media producers could minimize their overhead, environmental impact could be reduced, and you could carry the Boston Globe, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ect, ect, in one "paper", that you never have to "forget" on the commuter rail.

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