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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adobe throws it's hat into the ring

BIG news, on this one. Software, and internet behemoth Adobe, archmages of such 'little' things as flash, shockwave and the ubiquitous.PDF file, have announced the future of flash...and yes, it's 3D. The announcement is a teaser, of sorts, since full details won't come out until Adobe MAX 2010. Oct 23-27, in Los Angeles. but a recent blog post by Thibault Imbert, (Adobe product manager) , hinted that the 3D API is "coming in a future version".
( To the rest of us, that means, basically, "it's on it's way").

Quoteth Imbert " We will share plans with you at Max during this session, I tell you, some serious stuff is coming for 3D developers ". That's not a light statement, coming from Adobe.

Adobe MAX Conference Event

This is one competitor the "little guy" developers are gonna have to take very seriously.

Go, and see.

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