"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"When you wish upon a stAR..."

"Makes no difference who you are." That is, of course, *if* you're at a Disney Theme Park, have an iPhone, and Disney's new app: Wishing Stars.
Now, the Magical Kingdom has a Digital layer. Hunt for clues, and quest your way across the Kingdom (and even in waiting lines ), Here's a video review from The Orange County Register write up:

 Now you can pretend you're playing a U.S. version of Kingdom Hearts Mobile irl.(okay, maybe not)

"The hidden "Wishing Stars" are recorded as secret GPS coordinates that your iPhone will uncover during your search. Clues lead to more clues, which lead to discovery of the Wishing Stars. Along the way, you'll unlock more Quests that will test your knowledge of Disneyland to its limit!"

This is a great example of Mobile AR, and creating connected geospatial digital content.
Thanks to Gamepocalypse Now for the tip!

Go, and see.

Stay Augmented.

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