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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eco Friendly AR Water Bottles

Greensender.com is now marketing customizable AR-marked water bottles with it's 3DBottle product.
The new 3DBottle from Greensender

Following the rising trend with Home Depot and Atomic Greetings, these water bottles feature an AR tag that will display a user-defined video, (this one in a pop-up drive in theater).They also have a downloadable .pdf and test marker to let you 'try before you buy". Soon enough, we'll have ARTag keychains, coffee mugs, and any other swag you can slap an tag on. I like this idea. The more portable, everyday objects I can carry around are that many more personal videos I can view, or show off, at whim.

From the website:

"3DBottles are a Greensender original product that uses a new technology called Augmented Reality to bring a new level of fun to your reusable water bottle. Enjoy the surprise every time you show it off to someone new. And keep it fresh by uploading a new video at any time at no additional cost to you. Let this personalized, custom laser-engraved bottle serve as your mini screening room throughout the year for your favorite home videos."

Thanks to ChipChick for the tip!

go, and see.

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