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Friday, July 16, 2010

X marks the spot...on the empty shelf.

In bittersweet news today, the awaited Droid X from Verizon sold right the heck out. Yay for the brand, and for the competitive feild of open source smartphones. Boo, if you just *had* to get one NOW.

According to Android Central,
"And just as we figured, stores have mostly sold out, and Verizon's website now has the badge the Droid Incredible hopefuls have come to know all too well -- the Droid X is now labeled as "Will be shipped by 7/23." (Note that it says "by" and not "on," m'kay?) Hopefully we won't see that date march steadily backward like we have the on the DInc."

Says Verizon
"This has been a very good day one for Droid X sales. Customers were in line at midnight in some markets, in other places there were lines when the stores opened and in other stores there has been a steady stream of customers. We have been successful at keeping up with early demand but at present inventory in some parts of the country inventory is either low or out. (It truly varies around the country.) Since we have weekly shipments planned, customers can still order phones and can expect them to be shipped on or before July 23. This link shows you some of the excitement from midnight in Columbia, MD."

As for me, I likka-to-see  iPhone not getting each and every bit of smartphone spotlight, ( and their antenna issue response by the execs just makes the corporation look that much worse). I'm no Verizon fan, but I am a Droid fan... more specifically, an "open source" fan.

go, and see.

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