"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

C0deHex Theory "Fashion"

 "And the Freak shall inherit the Earth"

Well, like any other other "subgroup" of the technomancer sphere, a c0deHex Witch will have certain visual 'attributes', that will develop over time. Aside from other groups like Otaku, Goths, SteamPunks, CyberPunks, ect that carry their own certain stylistic appeal, a C0deHex Witch can be any of those, and more, because they weave the DAL. However, even though not all have "eyes to see" the magic that they weave, there will be trace elements that define them, mostly in the way of C0deHexes, and that, more often than not, of the ARTag variety. Mind you, we're talking about the "Magic Lens" metaphor moreso than the "Magic Mirror" metaphor. A brief explanation of the two: (images from ARTag.net)

"Magic Lens" The C0deHex is viewed through an 'enchanted' device, (like a AR-compliant smartphone, or in the below example, a pad) :

"Magic Lens" Metaphor

"Magic Mirror" The C0deHex is viewed through a webcam/monitor setup.

"Magic Mirror" Metaphor: What The Blind see, vs. what a Seer sees.

The "Magic Mirror" approach is already in place (in a way) , specifically in the 'fashion' sense. Advertisers are jumping on the AR bandwagon, and maketing their products in new, and interesting ways, Like the Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror, or the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute for Telecommunications ' Virtual Mirror .

Already, you can see, the C0deHex will be something that stands apart..no matter what else you wear, even if it's as simple as a PaperTweet3d T-shirt from Squidder:

Even "just a t-shirt" is no longer mundane, to those that have the eyes to see.

And, speaking of "eyes to see", regardless how one carries their hardware, whether it be 'in hand', backpack/messenger bag, ect, on thing that will seperate the casual from the hardcore will be the eyewear. THE hot item, hands down, will/should be the Vuzix 920AR. Tell me these won't stand out in a crowd. :
Oh yeah...*shivver*...must have.
I used to have an old pair of Virtual I/O i Glasses, "back in the day". Sadly, the software side of things wasn't really "there" , yet, so they became nothing more than an wearable monitor. I'm thinking things will be much different, this time around. Imagine carrying around a Digital Baby Dragon on your shoulders... that only those with the eyes to see can appreciate. Or, the back of your jacket animated with a YouTube video. The possibilities are only limited by your skill and imagination.

Want something even more radical? (who wouldn't, right?) Check out this concept from FrogConcept:

StormTroopers start at an early age.

The (visualized) view from within.

A London artist "Cassette Playa" recently went so far as to have an entire 'Neuromance' Fashion Show showcasing AR, and it's fashion possibilities. Yeah, A C0deHex Witch is gonna stand out.

 Or, how about an AR Fashion show, on your tabletop, or in your room? The people at Laboratory4 can make it happen.:

And, let's not forget the special "AR Edition" of Esquire Magazine.

I like where this is going.

How about the "Next Big Thing" in Skin Ink? AR Tattoos!

Tell me this isn't cool, and I'll call you a Luddite!

Stay Augmented.

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