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Friday, July 30, 2010

Iron Man 2 -looking foward by looking back.

Not new, (came out in April), but it's a slow news day,  but we haven't at least glossed over it, so we'll give the Iron Man 2 AR a little love. Hopefully, you've seen the movie, so the visuals will make sense.This is less about the product and more about the art of it all.
Take this video, for example. While the augmented helmet is a fun little app, take a thoughtful look at the 'heads up' simulation:

Although it's "just" high budget viral marketing, (like Stark Expo 2010 ), some of the visuals presented represent a pretty solid artistic view of augmented reality, as it may (eventually) be incorporated. Give me a pair of Vuzix Wrap920AR's, and a HUD app like that, and I'll be a happy witch. But the vision extends past the theoretical product, and even visualizes the theoretical advertising. Take thes (fake) ads, for example, (and tell me the 'cordco' tab doesn't smack of TED talks) :

Tell me you won't see advertising like this, one AR becomes "mainstream" for the masses. You betcha, you will. Even though it's all fictional at the moment, ( remember, 'men on the moon' was once fictional), I think the visual representation, (of the visual representation) may be a driving factor. Like the oft-mentioned "minority report interface", which has become more real HERE and HERE, or like the Old Star Trek Tri-corders (iPhone, anyone?), the fictional tech of yesterday becomes the 'everyday' tech of tommorow.

Although I doubt we'll have flying combat suits anytime soon, the slicker, data-rich augmented reality views of IronMan 2 are much more feasible, and honestly quite appealing.

And be sure to check out the LG Iron Man app site. for the LG Ally and it's  Android 2.1 apps

(video, courtesy Total Immersion/ D'Fusion)

Let's not forget to put the art in AR.

Go, and see.

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