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Friday, July 30, 2010

Monster Media & Limited Space- a powerful combo.

While many of us , (here in the USA) may not have heard of them, it seems the good folks in the U.K. (yeah, U.K...again with the augmentation) Monster Media and Limited Space have entered a partnership, promising an impressive array of visual options for heretofore empty wall spaces. "Out with the old, in with the bold."

Static pictures just do not do this advertising medium justice. Want your daily dose of "Wow!"? Check out the Monster Media Demo Reel: "Mum, I'm going to the mall, to play some games". "There's no arcade, there" "Don't need one, I'm gonna go play with the adverts." Static advertisers would KILL for this kind of ad attention. (Note the number of people who engage with the ads)

Coming soon to a mall near you...if you live in the U.K., that is. 
"Curse you, U.K., and your crumpets, we have cookies!"

Press Release:
LONDON--(Marketwire - July 30, 2010) -  Companies now have a better way to reach their target audience and engage consumers on a whole new level, due to a recent partnership agreement between two local media companies.
Monster Media, the global leader of out-of-home interactive advertising, has teamed up with Limited Space, the leading supplier of media in premium UK shopping malls, to rollout their interactive technology in premium malls across the UK.
These interactive "billboards" will transform Limited Spaces' network of giant digital sites into cutting edge dynamic displays that offer clients endless possibilities, such as: gestural interaction, multi-touch interaction, augmented reality and mobile phone interaction where your mobile actually controls the ad.
"We are thrilled to have a long-term, exclusive contract with Limited Space and are looking forward to placing our interactive technology in their malls throughout the UK," said David McKie, managing director of Monster Media UK. "Monster Media already has a strong presence in upscale malls throughout the globe and this new partnership is a natural and major step in our strategy to aggressively expand our presence throughout the UK."
McKie says they will be installing their one-of-a-kind engaging displays in the 15 flagship malls within the Limited Space network, including: The Bullring, The Metro Centre, Cabot Circus, Highcross and Bluewater.
"We were looking for an out-of-home partner that is constantly reinventing themselves and pushing the envelope, and that is what pulled us strongly towards Monster Media," said Matt Gordon, owner of Limited Space. "We are both the leaders in our respective fields and I have no doubt that this partnership will increase the effectiveness and success of both companies."
Recent Limited Space campaigns include: BMW, THQ, Paramount, P&G, Cadburys, Sega, Adidas, Peugeot, Orange and T-Mobile.
Monster Media's current client list includes: Microsoft, Nintendo, Warner Bros Films, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, YouTube, Anheuser Busch, McDonalds, Kraft, CoverGirl and many more.
Monster Media's UK operation is based in Queens Park, London, but also has roots around the globe including: US, UK, Canada, Europe and South Africa.
About the company:
Monster Media remains the leader of advertising that responds to consumers' body movements and storefront domination programs. Their ability to deliver quality programs and customer service has allowed them to expand their presence across the globe with network applications including: storefront dominations, mass transit, airports, sport and entertainment venues and custom events. Since its inception in 2003, Monster Media has executed nearly 300 storefront ads globally and worked with clients such as HBO, Lexus, Target, Microsoft, MTV and Timberland to bring their messages to life. All campaigns are monitored and maintained around the clock by Monster Media. For more information on Monster Media, please go to: www.monstermedia.net.

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